• Retrograde Neptune 

  • Almost regularly, when Mercury, for the second time in a year, enters retrograde move, and slows down the computers and traffic, destroys attention, looses letters and words, plans "suspicious business"; neglects objective facts...at that very time, the transit Neptune changes the direction of moving. From direct into retrograde move. Neptune started moving retrograde on June 12th, through the sign of Pisces. 

    To remind ourselves, Neptune dwells in the sign of Pisces from April 5th 2011 until August 5th 2011, from February 4th 2012 until March 30th 2025, from October 23rd 2025 until January 1st 2026.

    Neptune is on its own territory in Pisces (in dignity, as it is said), so if you are an artist (painter, writer, musician) this "moving backwards" suits you. But, dear artists, something or someone is disturbing even your “inspiration“. Simply, no one can do anything about it.If, perhaps, you are trying to live in a real, realistic world, this seeming move backwards, can really make you tired. 

    But, Neptune is not art per se (that’s Venus), Neptune isn’t imagination (that’s Moon), Neptune isn’t dream too (that’s Moon also). 
    Neptune is an illusion, trick, misconception, smoke, fog, delicate thread that binds every raw element of reality and gives it "magic", "color", "the breath of surreal". Neptune is he/she who is there, whose presence can be felt, he/she whom you cannot describe with words, he/she whom you fool yourself with, hope; the one because of whom you are not sure whether you saw something, said something or not. The one because of whom you do not know whether you dreamt something or it was real. It is even that moment of "inattention" in which you got lost in the wrong street and asked yourself "how did I get here".

    Also, Neptune is that weird, irrational enthusiasm and the blind faith in "something or someone". Neptune is an angel, too. Neptune is an icon (no, that’s not Venus in Pisces, because that would be every artistic painting). Neptune is every relic (no, that’s not Jupiter in Pisces, because that would also be every encyclopedia). Neptune is a church or a temple (no, that’s not Moon in Pisces, because that would also be every house on a distant or rare place near water).
    Neptune is that feeling when "ratio fails" and mind and heart are driven by the feeling and conviction that something will be good or bad, no matter how things really seem momentarily.

    Neptune is retrograde until November, and probably, for a start, you felt stronger sensitivity, physically, as well as emotionally.You closed yourself in your own world and lost motive to face, with "all weight and irrational worry" that you carry in your heart, with surroundings that now offers understanding, or at least you do not feel it at the moment.Now probably, much deeper, you feel or see the essence of everyday, and you have a sincere feeling that your intuition is stronger than usual. Perhaps even with no great cause, you "read" more intricately the intentions of people that surround you and wait for a moment to wake up from the dream that the others call "reality". 
    But, disappointment and dissatisfaction with achieved, in that “real“ world, can now be accentuated. 

    You are possibly lonelier than ever, no matter how your social life is. Even if you are in a mass that you call "crowd", you are somehow alone.
    The feeling of being used, misuse and the loss of security in everyday life can pull you, deeper, into already sensitive bottom of emotions. Chronic feeling of physical tiredness and disturbed sleep are not intensive. As well as the feeling of guilt and confusion.If you feel that you "overslept" the last few years, good for you. If you "got lost" for couple of years, wait for autumn. If you feel as a victim since the beginning of 2012, you are not!

    If you feel that way, distance for a moment from the surroundings that "made you tired" with their destructive energies (dissatisfactions, crying, etc.) and "stole your peace". 
    If lately you have "strange allergy to food, feeling of sickness" – go easy. Work on your emotions and stop putting up with those that you do not have to. 
    Reduce the intake of toxins (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs...), drink more water, and find shelter in peaceful, inner "loner world". Close your doors firmly and do not let anyone enter (especially those that now want to "take the breath of hope and optimism from you" or "erase the COLORS of everyday" and make it gray and numb). 
    Drink clean, cold, still water, eat cold fruits, listen to music with no words and for every dilemma you have close your eyes and listen to your heart – go where the heart leads you!




Jovana Lučić-Gajić was born in Belgrade in 1974, where she lives and works.
From 1993 until 1997 she worked as an editor of astrological show “Night with astrologer” that was aired on Belgrade radio stations. 
From 1998 until 2008 she taught astrology at Belgrade university “Đuro Salaj”. From 2008 until today she teaches in her school "JovanaL27".
She is the author of five collections of texts; she writes and publishes texts for magazines and has regular astrological shows on regional televisions. She works with clients live or via Skype on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

e-mail: jovanalg@yahoo.com
mob/viber: +381 61 195 0953 
skype: joanna.lucic.gajic

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